About Us

Here at Gloss, we offer a luxurious, relaxing spa experience. Located in the heart of beautiful La Jolla, you can walk in from a sunny beach day and get yourself pampered to your heart’s delight. Spoil yourself with an indulging spa session with our trained techs who will make sure you are comfortable and receive a truly unique service. Your satisfaction (and beautiful nails) are our top priority.

Opened January 21, 2017, Gloss is the creation of owner Tu, and wife Sara. Tu was tired of the same places that only do a disservice to their guests, and he wanted a change. With Tu’s 30 years of customer relations experience and Sara’s 20 years in the nail industry, the two came up with Gloss to offer quality treatment and service to every guest that walks in for a visit.

A trip to Gloss will change the way you do spa day. We don’t cut corners, making sure to dedicate our time to each guest, using only the highest-grade products, from organic scrubs to hotel-quality towels. Relax with ease, as all our equipment is sterilized in an autoclave machine to provide a safe and hygienic environment.

Come visit and treat yourself like a celebrity at Gloss! We will be sure to accommodate all your needs, and we offer a variety of refreshments, as well as wine to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable. Have a glass on us!